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"COSMIC EDUCARE" is a brainchild of Mrs.Anoopama Mehta  who holds a first class Master of Commerce (M.Com.), Diploma in Taxation Law (D.T.L. University Topper), and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed in English). She also holds a Master of Science (M.S. in Child Psychology) and Master of Science (M.S. in Psychotherapy & Counselling). She has completed a course on teaching learning with multiple intelligence and attended extensive workshops on awareness on learning disability, relation between teacher & child, and the whole language approach.

Anoopama has several years of experience in the field of education, having taught in schools, attended workshops and conducted various personality development classes in Pune. She was the Principal of a primary school, where she was actively involved with the setting-up formalities, training of teachers and staff, and management of the school.

Anoopama loves working with children and teaching them, to see them grow and expand their potential as individuals. She is firmly committed to the personal career development and values of young children. Over the years she has conducted enrichment classes, teaching elocution, phonics, form drawing, hand writing improvement, english enhancement, painting, creative arts and personality development, besides the school subject English. She has also held workshops on personality development, child psychology, spoken english and multiple intelligence and has been involved in relationships and work ethics counselling.



  1. Phonics
    1. All the consonant & vowel sounds and their types.
    2. sight word.
    3. Easy formation of sentences.
    4. Speech and emphasis on diction.
    5. Reading.
    6. Poetry recitation.
    7. Dramatics
    8. Tongue twisters
    9. Correct pronunciation.
    10. Easy word.

           Days : Wednesdays & Fridays  (throughout the year)

           Age : 3 years to 7 years.

  1. Form Drawing
    1. Children are taught strokes, shapes and repeated patterns.
    2. Enhancing the child’s  sequencing & logical thinking abilities.

Days : Wednesdays & Fridays  (throughout the year)

Age : 3 years to 5 years.

  1. Handwriting  Classes

M.R. , Cursive and Print script is taught to the child.

Days : Wednesdays & Fridays  (throughout the year)

             Age : 5 years and above.

  1. Language Enhancement
    1. Creative writing
    2. Comprehension
    3. Spelling
    4. Questioning techniques
    5. Ways to pen the imagination

Days : Wednesdays & Fridays  (throughout the year)

Age : 6 years and above.



   1.Etiquette & Manners, Personality Development & Little Chef Programme-

Learning good manners, greeting people, interacting & making small talk, answering phone calls, personal grooming, how to dress, correct posture and walking, bedroom & bathroom manners, table manners and how to eat properly using cutlery, cookery for kids, laying the table and serving food.

            Course duration – 5 days

            Batches held in the month of April-May, October and December.  

            (healthy snacks, lunch/ dinner provided)

 2.Creative Art & Craft –

Creating art from waste materials, tote bags, masks, decorations, jewellery making, collage, wall hangings, greeting cards, table mats, paper quilling, and many more creative and useful things.

             (art & craft material provided)

             Course duration – 1week

             Batches held in the month of April-May, October and December.

3.Body Language

Body language is an important part of communication which can constitute 50% or more of what we are communicating. If you wish to communicate well, then it makes sense to understand how you can and cannot use your body to say what you mean. The workshop will give you a basic insight to how you can understand the other person's body language and also effectively communicate through theirs.

             Course duration - 3 to 5 days

             Batches held in the month of April-May, October and December.


4.Language simplified -    

           Story writing, spelling, reading, questioning techniques & ways to imagine.

           Course duration – 2 weeks

           Batches held in the month of April-May, October and December.

5.Workshops on Parenting

            First time parents, parents of toddlers, dealing with teenage issues, and sibling rivalry.

            Course duration - 1 week

            Kindly contact for batch dates.



Private counselling sessions held for personal and other phychoanalytical problems for children and adults.

             (with prior appointment only)


For any details regarding the courses kindly email:

For any other information or advice, email:

You may also  call on :  +91 9404001000


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